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Nurturing Neurons

The mission of Nurturing Neurons is to support the neuromuscular program at Seattle Children’s Hospital and raise community awareness about pediatric neuromuscular disorders.

Funding Medical Care

Neuromuscular conditions are often chronic and progressive requiring extensive patient care.

Education and Awareness

Striving to increase awareness about pediatric neuromuscular conditions.

Patient Support

Given the extensive impact of neuromuscular conditions, patient benefit from support groups and wellness programs.


Supporting research allows us to unravel the mysteries behind these rare conditions.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

CMT is a group of genetic conditions that affect peripheral nerves.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Is a genetic condition that weakens muscles over times.

Friedreich's Ataxia

A genetic disease that damages the spinal cord, the nerves and the brain.

The Impact Of

Neuromuscular Conditions

Pediatric neuromuscular disorders encompass multiple devastating diseases which affect the nervous system to cause muscle weakness and pain. Although these conditions may individually be rare, as a group, the spectrum of pediatric neuromuscular conditions comprise a significant disease burden. These life-altering disorders are often chronic and progressive; hence, many patients require expensive, long-term support. While research on genetic therapies and new medications is ongoing, there is currently no cure for neuromuscular disorders.

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Anushka Noori


Anushka is the Founder and President of Nurturing Neurons and is a dedicated changemaker – volunteerism is central to her ethos. Her ongoing service endeavors include supporting homeless and vulnerable families in the greater Seattle area, underprivileged youth in rural India, and youth education initiatives. Anushka serves as Project Lead for Children in Need on the City of Issaquah Youth Advisory Board.

Nurturing Neurons is not her first charitable organization; Anushka also serves as Co-Founder of Gentle Generations, a nonprofit organization determined to bring smiles to seniors. Under Anushka’s leadership, the Gentle Generations team aims to institute programs guided by science to engage senior citizens and promote healthy social connections. 

Beyond her community service work, Anushka is a budding journalist, passionate about language and promoting communication to foster civic engagement.  She founded her school’s newspaper and serves as the Editor-In-Chief leading a team of over 50 students. An avid reader, Anushka has represented her state at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in D.C.  Her other passions include mathematics, dance, and swimming.

Email: anushkan@nurturingneurons.org

Anshul Noori

Vice - President

Anshul is a middle school student with a passion for computer science. He is proficient in Java, Python, HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and has completed a range of advanced computer science courses including AP Computer Science. His many coding projects include this Nurturing Neurons website, which was developed entirely by Anshul. Anshul has also studied biochemistry and molecular biology, and is eager to apply his computer science skills to translational domains.

Outside of his academic endeavors, Anshul shares his love of learning with other students as a volunteer teacher. Leading group classes as well as tutoring individual students, Anshul designs and delivers integrative curriculum targeted for elementary and middle school students.

After the passing of his grandmother, Anshul co-founded Gentle Generations, a non-profit organization whose mission is to ease isolation in the elderly. Anshul serves as our Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Nurturing Neurons.

Email: anshuln@nurturingneurons.org

Adarsh Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

Adarsh Gupta is a high school sophomore with a passion for service. He is the CEO and founder of Fit4Grit Academy, a martial arts and fitness nonprofit organization for youth. He practices various martial arts as a second-degree black belt. He has had multiple experiences with entrepreneurship endeavors, including cofounding an app called Guidey to help the homeless and working as the outreach head for the nonprofit Needed but Forgotten. He has studied business and finance and is excited to lead Nurturing Neurons as our Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.

Email: adarsh@nurturingneurons.org